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Build Readiness.
Respond Effectively.

Continuously improve your incident response through cyber security exercises and know how to respond before an incident happens.

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It's our unique exercise platform we are meticulously crafting to deliver the most meaningful exercises (without the huge burden that typically comes with just planning one).
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We are obsessed with unleashing first-class cyber security exercises to the world

  • Building technology, conducting research, and delivering them as a service... we can honestly say that we are hyper focussed on cyber security exercises.
  • When done right, exercises not only improves the organisation's ability to respond to threats, but also answers the most important questions.
  • We are expert exercise craftspersons, continuously designing and delivering exercises to help our clients understand their true cyber readiness.
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“Cyber security exercises are one of the most effective tools businesses can employ to demonstrate potential whole-of-business impacts of a cyber attack”

Australian Government
Cyber Security Strategy 2016

“Retrospect Labs were instrumental in co-designing the scenario, building real-world technical artefacts for use during the exercise, and evaluating AEMO's technical response to the simulated malicious activities they initiated”

Australian Energy Market Operator

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Build Readiness. Respond Effectively.