Resources to help you deliver exercises


Various methodologies for creating, conducting, and evaluating cyber security exercises from inception to completion.
Exercise Guide Description
Victoria Government's Guide to Cyber Exercises Provides the Victorian Government’s advice on how to plan, conduct and evaluate effective cyber exercises.
CFR’s CORIE Framework Framework realeased by the Council of Financial Regulators that tests and demonstrates the cyber maturity and resilience of institutions within the Australian Financial services industry.
NIST SP 800-84 NIST special publication that seeks to assist organisations in designing, developing, conducting, and evaluating test, training, and exercise (TT&E) events.
MITRE Intelligence Driven Exercises and Solutions (IDEAS) Uncomplicated tabletop exercise (TTX) methodology developed at MITRE.
MITRE Cyber Exercise Playbook MITRE’s overview of the cyber exercise process from inception to reporting.
ENISA National Exercise - Good Practice Guide European Network and Information Security Agency’s Good Practice Guide assists authorities to better understand the complexities of exercises and help them prepare local and national ones.
HSEEP Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program Homeland Security’s Exercise Evaluation Program provides step-by-step methods for conducting a productive exercise and evaluation programs.
ANSSI Organising A Cyber Crisis Management Exercise The French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems' Guide provides step-by-step support to organisations in setting up a cyber crisis management exercise that is credible and will serve as training.
NARUC Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise Guide Details the steps Public Utilities Commission (PUCs) can take to design and execute an exercise to examine utilities' and other stakeholders' readiness to respond to and recover from a cybersecurity incident.
CISA Communications-Specific Tabletop Exercise Methodology Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency’s Communications-Specific Tabletop Exercise Methodology, intended to help local policymakers and Federal technical assistance programs plan, design, and conduct communications-specific exercises.