About us

Discover our story and what motivates us

Eliminate the impacts associated with cyber incidents

We've seen how incidents destroy companies and their people. We really hate when this happens. That is why our mission is to empower organisations to:
  • respond effectively, eliminating the impacts to the business and the critical services they provide
  • continuously build their strategic and tactical readiness to defend themselves against the ever-evolving threats

We live by our values, everyday

Whenever we make a decision, engage with a customer, or work on anything - we never compromise on our values.
  • Extreme ownership
    We take full responsibility for our work. When something goes wrong, we do not complain or blame others. We find solutions and we solve them.
  • Integrity
    We are honest and transparent, owning up to mistakes. We don't abuse our position.
  • Team work
    We work as a team and back each other. No team member is alone (metaphorically speaking) as they will always have support from the team, in whatever form it needs to be in.
  • Respect
    We know at times our ideas and opinions will conflict, but we will at all times respect and value each other.
  • Innovation
    We continuously innovate and push boundaries. We don't settle because it's easier.
  • Outcome driven
    We strive to meet the outcomes set in front of us. We don't measure success based on hours spent in the office or number of words in a report.

Our journey so far

Retrospect Labs were founded in 2019 by former Australian Government Incident Responders, Jason Pang and Ryan Janosevic.

The team continues to focus on the mission by building our cyber security exercise platform and delivering the highest value exercises we possibly can.

Learn more about our founders (external link).

We are proudly Australian

Founded in Australia, with global ambitions.