Resources to help you deliver exercises

Sample Scenarios

Sample exercise scenarios and associated materials.
Exercise Guide Description
NCSC Exercise in a Box Free online tool from the NCSC which helps organisations test and practice their response to a cyber attack.
CISA Tabletop Exercise Package Assists critical infrastructure owners and operators in developing their own tabletop exercises.
CCDCOE International Cyber Law in Practice: Interactive Toolkit Demonstrates legislative application throughout multiple exercise contexts. Contains 19 hypothetical scenarios inspired by real-world examples, accompanied by detailed legal analysis.
Center for Internet Security Tabletop Exercises Briefly details how to conduct Tabletop exercises and provides six example scenarios. Applicable CIS controls are listed for each scenario.
CyberRX Playbook v2.0 Playbook of CyberRX exercises designed to target healthcare organisations and their business partners of varying types and sizes.