Our technology

Meet Gauntlet

Our cyber security exercise platform, built from the ground up with two main things in mind - to make doing exercises significantly easier and at the same time make them even more meaningful.

For existing Gauntlet Subscribers, go to https://gauntlet.retrospectlabs.com to login.

What do we actually mean when we say easier and meaningful?

Gauntlet removes the burden from doing exercises

Exercises are traditionally high burden to design, let alone execute. Months of planning with multiple workshops - does this sound familiar? No wonder most organisations only manage one exercise per year (if that).
Gauntlet has been built to take away the burdens we've experienced doing exercises for years. We want to make exercises so achievable, that organisations want to do them every week instead.
  • Design
    Crafting a scenario is simple, all you do is click a button to create an inject, then type it in. You can even build an exercise from one of our templates, make a few changes if you want to, and be finished in minutes.
  • Logistics
    Just add the people to your exercise and Gauntlet handles the rest - like sending out invites and distributing the injects and other resources.
  • Dynamic
    You can decide on the fly to add, modify, or not release injects whenever you need to. You can be dynamic, which is good because exercises are also dynamic, changing based on participant actions.
  • Data capture
    Trying to scribble notes instead of observing the exercise and those participating? Gauntlet makes it easy to capture the important information, freeing up those running exercises to stay focused.

Gauntlet gives you accurate insights backed by evidence, making exercises more meaningful

Exercises are naturally chaotic with multiple moving parts. It is a massive undertaking to capture all the information, go through what matters, and then gather the outcomes and insights.
We also strongly believe that exercises should be as close to realistic as possible. The closer to real exercises are, the more accurate the findings will be and the more meaningful they become.
  • Personas
    Exercises will usually involve entities that may not be participating, like law enforcement or other third parties. In Gauntlet, you can add these entities as personas, adding realism by enabling participants to interact with them.
  • Integrations
    The tools you use for incident response such as email and case management tools - we integrate with these rather than replicate them, obtaining the specific data representing the actions of the participants during the exercise.
  • Range augmentation (coming soon)
    We believe in involving an organisations actual environment to make exercises as realistic as possible. Beyond the environment, Gauntlet can spin up services on-demand that complement the scenario - such as phishing websites or C2 servers.
  • Analytics
    Gauntlet captures everything - when injects get released, when objectives are achieved and by whom, and the data from the integrations. We analyse this information and provide meaningful metrics and insights - no more subjective, gut feel “findings".

From tabletops to functional hands-on exercises, Gauntlet does them all.

Exercises can take different shapes and sizes. They are dynamic in nature. That's why Gauntlet is incredibly flexible and can handle different use cases, adapting to changes when they happen.

Onsite or distributed

Gauntlet enables exercises to be run in person, or with participants distributed across the world

Individuals or more

You can have one participant or hundreds (if that's what you want), everyone can be included

Tabletop or functional

Discuss what you would do or actually do it, exercises can take multiple forms

Gauntlet has been the core technology driving exercises for our customers

of exercises and counting have been designed and executed successfully using Gauntlet, many of them delivered remotely with participants scattered in different locations and timezones
people dispersed across Australia, split into 10 teams, participating in six exercises, within a three week period... our biggest exercise event so far - Gauntlet enabled us to make it happen
sectors including banking, energy, Government, academia, and superannuation just to name a few - we work closely with them, shaping Gauntlet to deliver the best possible results every time

Early Adopter Program

We launched our Early Adopter Program (EAP) in December 2020. Under this program, our earliest supporters are provided a 12 month subscription to Gauntlet with the following features:
  • No restrictions on the number of exercises or on the number of participants per organisation.
  • Receive priority support and have influence into Gauntlet's roadmap.
  • Access to our exercise templates, which can be use straight away or be built on top of to create larger scoped exercises.