Response Lab

Response Lab is our secure, isolated, forensics environment that can be deployed on-demand during an exercise. It is browser-based and any device that supports modern web standards can connect to a ready-to-go forensics environment in seconds.

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Frictionless and on-demand

Creating forensics environments can be challenging and time-consuming. Response Lab empowers all organisations to practice their response skills in a realistic environment, with all the tools they're used to, so they can be ready for any incident.

Isolated and secured

Exercise participants are given access to their own instance, isolated from all other participants, and can safely analyse any type of artefact without risk to your corporate environment.

Response Lab instances are also isolated from the internet, and you maintain full control of the data provided to the Response Lab environment. Any resources you upload to Gauntlet can be made available in Response Lab. After an exercise is completed, the environment is securely destroyed.

Early Adopter Program

We launched our Early Adopter Program (EAP) in December 2020. Under this program, our earliest supporters are provided a 12 month subscription to Gauntlet with the following features:
  • No restrictions on the number of exercises or on the number of participants per organisation.
  • Receive priority support and have influence into Gauntlet's roadmap.
  • Access to our exercise templates, which can be use straight away or be built on top of to create larger scoped exercises.