Training the next generation through cyber exercises

Box Hill Institute

Over the last several years, Box Hill Institute (BHI) has been teaching its students the skills they need to become outstanding cyber security professionals. Cyber security teachers at BHI provide students with the right core technical skills, knowledge of key tooling, as well as the strategic aspects of cyber security – such as how to build an effective incident response plan.

We recently partnered with BHI to deliver an interactive and exciting way for its students to take the skills they are learning and put them into practice. BHI was interested in innovative approaches it could deploy to validate the learnings of its students, give them a sense of realism, and most importantly, make them ready for the workforce. We were confident that Gauntlet (our cyber security exercise platform) could deliver on all these requirements.

Meet Munisah and Michael, the passionate instructors at BHI leveraging Gauntlet to deliver learning outcomes
"Through Gauntlet, students were able to witness how they would approach a ransomware incident and work collaboratively to arrive at mitigation measures for the situation, and these are situations that arise in real-life settings."

Munisah Muneer, Teacher - Cyber Security

Leveraging Gauntlet, BHI designed and delivered multiple cyber security exercises for more than 120 students! These students were exposed to a simulated but very realistic ransomware incident and had to make decisions on best courses of action. Working together in small teams, the students used their skills and knowledge to minimise the impact to the fictitious company they were protecting.

"Gauntlet is an excellent tool for group exercises… the exercise provided us with a deep understanding on how to tackle a ransomware attack."

BHI Student

We know that delivering cyber security exercises is one of the best ways to prepare the next generation of our cyber defenders – like the students at BHI – to make them more workforce ready and able to respond effectively to incidents from day one. The more experience students can gain from participating in exercises, the better placed they’ll be to make meaningful impacts when they land their first cyber security role.

Cyber security is a wide-ranging and fast-moving field. What’s current today, won’t necessarily be current tomorrow. That is why it’s great to see academic institutions like BHI looking to new technologies that complement and add value to the learning experience for its students. We look forward to working with BHI, helping the team there continue to build the talent of tomorrow through meaningful, realistic, and easy to deliver cyber security exercises.

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