2020 Year in Review

2020 was our first year

We all know 2020 was a very tough year for many individuals and businesses for obvious reasons. It was also the year we assembled the founding team and began our journey into startupland. Despite the conditions, we adapted and had a really fun and exciting first year. I am privileged to work alongside my exceptionally smart and kind colleagues - they always give their best and never back down from the challenges we face.


After reflecting on this year, I am amazed of what we accomplished as a small team. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Ryan joins as a co-founder. I bugged Ryan the year prior and was thrilled when he said yes to becoming a co-founder.
  • Founding team formed. When Yan and Emanuel joined, we had the key components to start delivering on our promises. They have been the engine to Retrospect Labs.
  • Graduated CyRise Accelerator Cohort 3. The accelerator helped shaped our thinking and forced us to collide with the market. Thank you CyRise crew for your continued support.
  • Gauntlet development takes flight. Our cyber security exercise platform becomes reality with many of our customers getting first-hand experience using it!
  • Received a DFAT Cyber and Critical Tech Cooperation Program grant. We are privileged to be selected by DFAT to deliver cyber security exercises within the ASEAN region over several years.
  • Hosted two interns. Thank you Edith Cowan University for their brilliant Workplace Integrated Learning program. One of our interns, Connor, joins us as our fifth team member.
  • Designed and delivered a lot of cyber security exercises. The exact count was 77 exercises with 76 of them using Gauntlet. Thank you to our customers for the opportunities - we are privileged to work with you.
  • Co-delivered the Accelerated Defence Cyber Training. We joined a consortium of sovereign cyber security companies to deliver remote training to the Australian Defence Force.
  • Participated in AustCyber's “Sky’s the Limit” pitch competition. After a competitive process, Ryan won us a spot and pitched directly to ASX listed executives.
  • Ran an exercise competition for Comfycon. We successfully ran our very first exercise as a competition at Comfycon late in the year. We changed the conditions of the competition to be more accessible (a lot more time) and more diverse (involving a range of different disciplines).
  • Relaunched website. We relaunched our website to communicate what we are doing better. Let us know what you think.
  • Launched Early Adopter Program for Gauntlet. We are excited to sign on our first customer to the program, with several more scheduled to sign on early next year.

Onwards to 2021

There are many people who have helped us on our journey so far and for that we are truly grateful. You gave us your time, advice, and support - we promise to do the same for others.

See you in the new year.

~ Jason

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