Meet our Thailand Partners

In a previous blog post (link), we talked about some of the work we have been doing in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) of Thailand - delivering a multi-phased cyber security exercise program to Thai critical infrastructure organisations. What we didn't talk about in that previous blog post is actually very exciting. Kind of a big deal. So we thought it deserved a blog post all of its own!

Retrospect Labs has officially expanded into Thailand! We have a partner based in Thailand, who are focusing on building on the good traction we have already experienced through our existing work with Thai critical infrastructure organisations, and on delivering both our product and service offering into the Thai market. To do this, and to be successful at it, we needed awesome on the ground representation. And, we have found just that! We worked very closely with the crew at Thaitan Consulting, led by Kawin Boonyapredee, to deliver our multi-phase exercise program with the NCSA. They demonstrated that the not only have the technical know how to deliver complex, technical based exercises, but that they also have the amazing broad cyber security knowledge that makes them equally as adept at talking to senior executives about cyber security issues.

Thaitan Consulting (TC) is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and offers high-calibre Cybersecurity consulting services as well as security product solutioning. TC's mission and vision are to raise the standards of Cyber security maturity in the Asia Pacific, and to advance the cause of a safer environment for people and organizations doing business online.

The Thaitan Consulting team

We have worked really hard at building a strong brand and reputation in the Australian market for delivering the highest quality cyber security exercises, both through our service offering and our product offering. Specialising in cyber security exercises has allowed us to develop unique skills and knowledge, backed up by our team's extensive experience in cyber security. It was important for us to choose a partner that not only complemented what we do but had the same integrity and dedication to detail. And we are confident that we have found that in Thaitan Consulting - who have already proven themselves as experts when it comes to delivering cyber security exercises.

Going international for the first time is no small feat. You could say we are testing the waters, you could say we are diving in headfirst! We like to think that we are capitalising on an exceptional opportunity to expand our offering into the Thai market. We also think there is great opportunity for Australian businesses within the Asia region - and couldn't be happier to start out journey expanding into Asia in Thailand. We love that it's close to home, and that so many of the cyber challenges and issues Asian organisations are facing are the same as those we are facing in Australia.

We've already secured work with some of the larger Thai critical infrastructure organisations. And we are looking forward to working with many more over the coming months and years, to deliver meaningful and realistic cyber security exercises to help improve their ability to respond to a cyber incident. Working together in this interconnected world is as important as ever. Building strong international relationships and helping network defenders counter threats effectively only serves to make us all more cyber ready, and more cyber secure.

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